An American in Paris

How about 3 American restaurateurs in Paris?  


Daniel Rose, from Chicago, opened Spring several years ago to great acclaim.  The restaurant offers a prix fixe, no choice menu. Daniel's boundless warmth and generosity match his talent in the kitchen. He is the darling of Paris!  Daniel recently opened a second restaurant, La Bourse et La Vie (Your money and your life).  Unlike the modern, creative and delicious flavor combinations you find at Spring, La Bourse et La Vie concentrates on traditional Parisian bistro fare that has become an almost endangered commodity.  It is pure, wonderful comfort food like steak frites and pot au feu.  Watch for Daniel in New York City next.  Plans are in the works to open on American soil.

For more information, please visit Daniel’s websites:

Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian went to Paris without a planned agenda.  The longer they remained in Paris the harder it was to leave.  So they stayed and opened a restaurant, Verjus with a wine bar on the lower level.  Verjus offers a prix fixe multi-course menu and it is always packed—for good reason.  The food is delicious!  The couple’s latest venture. Ellsworth, is a more casual place with several choices of small plates.  You can customize your own tasting menu any way you choose.  Perkins and Adrian can keep tabs on all locations as they are close to each other on Rue Richelieu.  Their mini-empire is popular with as many Parisians as Americans.  


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