Try Our Mini Trops with Hot Chocolate for Dessert!

We have paired custard cream-filled mini Tartes Tropeziennes with a pot of our delicious, rich hot chocolate. It has become one of our most popular desserts at Al Forno.  

Tartes Tropeziennes, much like the iconic Boston Cream Pie, are not tarts or pies at all.  Rather, they are tender brioches filled with vanilla custard lightened with whipped cream.  Tarte Tropeziennes are a specialty of Saint-Tropez on the Cote d'Azur in France near the Italian border.  They are rarely found outside the region.  We fell in love with them and thought our guests would, too.  

Cold weather is perfect for this combo.  While the temps remain arctic give it a try.  We also have a warm weather version up our sleeve if Spring and Summer ever arrive!